How to Delete and View my Yahoo Search History on desktop, mobile and tablet

Yahoo!, the internet portal and search engine, is one of the oldest and most widely utilized platforms. Yahoo tracks your activity and  stores by default all the user searches. You can view or delete them. In this article we will learn how to do it and also some related information suchs how long Yahoo keeps data and where is your recent activity.


How to view and Delete yahoo search history in desktop computer

Keep in mind that you have to be signed in to access to your activity on this computer.


  1. ✅ Go to
  2. You will see a screen similar to the following one. With your recent and historical searches.

Yahoo Search History

There you can:

  • Click on button Turn your history off if you don’t want your history to be recorded by default.
  • Also, Click on the bin icon if you want to delete an individual.
  • Click on button Clear History to remove your entire history.



Like with numerous other engines, when you’re done searching on Yahoo, the queries are stored. The queries are recorded in the program with the goal that whenever you visit the pages next, they’ll load faster.

In the case that you don’t wish to have your searches saved, you can erase them without hassle. To erase the data, first, you have to find them in Chrome

  1. Sign-in to your Yahoo account and look up for something, anything.
  2. Select Settings (cog symbol) at the upper right corner.
  3. Select ‘Preferences’.

  1. Tap on the SearchHistory option.
  2. Here is where is recent activity on Yahoo.
  3. Under this menu, you can do any one of these activities:
  • Delete particular results from your data – Tap the little trash symbol next to it.
  • Erase all – Click or Tap on Clear .
  • Turn off – Click or Tap on Turn History off.

This consistently growing list has made more and more people understand that their personal data isn’t as secure as they thought. Individuals are searching for methods to confine their exposure online and take proactive measures to secure themselves and their data.

So, above was a list of few things you could do when simply trying to view and clear your activity didn’t work. Despite the fact that these directions are really specific and easy, in reality, there isn’t much we can do considering the closed framework that social media is.

Restarting, clearing cache, uninstalling and then reinstalling is whatever we can attempt from our end and hope that does it.


How to view and Delete your  yahoo search history in mobile, iphone or tablet

The process is even easier with your mobile device. These are the required steps:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Navigate to the Yahoo Search page.
  3. Access the Settings option.
  4. View your Search History.


How long does Yahoo keep search history?

Yahoo keep search activity for 18 months. Yahoo’s protocol involves removing personally identifiable information from search user log data within 18 months of its collection, except in exceptional cases where it is required to comply with legal obligations.


Questions and answers

How do I delete my Yahoo email search?

To delete Yahoo email search, simply go to the search bar and type “delete”. A prompt will come up asking if you want to delete all results or just one.

If you want to delete all your Yahoo searches, click on the “delete all” button and confirm.


How do I delete email content search?

To delete email content search, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Mail app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the search bar at the top of the screen and type in “content.”
  3. Tap on “Content Search” from the list that appears.
  4. Then, Tap on “Edit” at the top of your screen.
  5. Tap on one of your saved searches to select it.
  6. Finally, Tap on “Delete.


How do I delete recent activity on Yahoo?

Yahoo has a history of being hacked, so deleting your account is the best way to prevent any personal information from being compromised.

If you are an Yahoo user, you may be wondering how to delete recent activity on Yahoo. The good news is that it is possible to delete all of the data associated with your account.

Yahoo has been hacked in the past, and this means that it’s important to take precautions to protect your personal information.

To do this, you can go into Account Settings and select “Delete all.” This will delete all of your data and ensure that it cannot be accessed by anyone else.


How do I check my Yahoo activity log?

You can access the Yahoo activity log by signing in to the Yahoo account and clicking on the “Activity Log” tab. It will show all the details of what has been done on that account, such as when an email was sent or received, how many messages were sent and opened, when an attachment was downloaded, etc.
In order to find out what is happening with your account at any given time, you should check your Yahoo activity log regularly.


What is the history of Yahoo search engine

In 2009 they reach an agreement with Microsoft, in this way Yahoo! search engine will use Bing as a search engine for your portal.

Currently it has a 6% of the quota on the Internet.

Some of the features  are:

  • Allows independent search of images, videos, news and purchases
  • Offers related concepts of searches online (by way of suggestions)
  • Integration with microblogging systems like Twitter.
  • Detect the type of search and offer searches on that topic in related sites.  Offers secure searches Offering sites free of viruses, spyware or spam.

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