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One or two things may cause you to want to view or delete your Safari search engine. You may not want another person to see the websites that you have earlier visited and your searches or you may simply want to clear your device's memory if the device is running slow. Whatever may be your reason, we will show you in this write-up how to view and clear your search history on Safari web browser.

The details provided in this write-up will also help you to track cookies or even clear cookies on your webs browser. The description given below is specifically for your mobile devices Iphone and Android, but can also be applied to your PC.

The process is always fast and can be completed under a few seconds.


Steps on how to view safari searches history

The steps below will teach you how to view the website history on your Safari web browser.

  • First of all, click on the Safari icon on your device's home page to launch it.
  • Next, check the Safari toolbar for the page back and page forward buttons, then tap and hold down the back button.
  • The action above will show you the current browsing history of the tab and you can peruse it to search for the particular history that you want to view. The list presented can only show you the previous websites that you have visited, but you will not be able to delete any of the items on the list.


How to search Safari full browsing history

If you want more out of your search history on Safari and you want to see more than just the current tab's history, you can follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Click on the Bookmarks button in Safari's toolbar
  • Next, search the upper left corner and click on the Bookmarks icon
  • First of all return to the top-level menu by simply tapping on any of the back arrows that you can find in the upper left corner.
  • Afterward, click on the History menu and this will bring up your full search history from all the tabs.
  • Next, pull down on the list and this will show the search bar, after which you can better your query.


How to clear Safari browser and search history

You can follow the steps below to clear your browsing history on Safari web browser

  • First of all, click on the Bookmarks button; you can find the button in the toolbar
  • Next, click on the Bookmarks icon, which can be found in the upper left corner of the browser.
  • Find out if you have returned to the top-level menu by simply clicking on the back arrows, which can be found in the upper left corner of the browser.
  • Then click on the History menu and click on Clear.
  • You can then select the history items that you want to clear; you can choose browsing history from the last hour, the last day, the last 48 hours or you can choose to delete all the items in your browsing history.


Ebay Purchase and Sales Search History

The best place to find your sales and purchase history on eBay is the My eBay section on the website. You will need the search details for your personal record keeping; the information is very important if for running your eBay stores as a business. eBay can also give you details of all your previously completed or sold items. Also, the said details can be deleted if you so desire.

In this write-up, we will show you how to view and delete eBay history. The information provided here will help you to make better use of eBay.


How to view eBay searches activity

You can view the search history on eBay by using the advanced search feature on the homepage. You can use the search history to easily estimate how much you will have to spend on a particular item or how much you can make when you sell that particular item. Check below for steps to follow to do this.

Step 1: Check beside the top of the eBay page for the Search button for the Advanced button and click on it.

Step 2: Look for Enter keywords or item number and type the name of the item you want to search. Next, click on Completed listings. Check Sold listings box and you will be given a list of the items you have sold.

Step 3: the list of sold items or completed transactions will be presented to you after clicking Search.


How to find sold listings

eBay also stores the record of your sales in the My eBay section of the website. You will also find a list of items you are currently displaying for sales in this section, as well as, unsold merchandise, items returned by the customer and recently sold items. Each of the headings can be set to filter based on the date or by listing format; the second occurs in the case of current sales. Sales record is only kept for 18 months on eBay.


How to clear Ebay search history

First of all, you should have an account with eBay before you can use this feature. You may have to clear your search history if you are using a shared computer. You may also need this feature when purchasing or selling an item that you do not want others to know about. This is very easy and straightforward. First of all, look for the Recently Viewed items box in your eBay page and click on Clear to remove the items. The searches may not show the exact items that have been viewed but it may give you clues regarding the items or your plans. You can equally prevent the search box from showing your recent searches by clicking the search box and then selecting Hide eBay Suggestions.


How to delete from the eBay mobile app

Check the menu bar Settings and click on it. You can also alternatively move your cursor to the upper-right corner of your computer screen to the Windows Ribbon. Click on Settings and search for App Settings. Next, click on Clear Recent History.

Did you know that Amazon stores your search and browsing history from the store?

Amazon is probably the biggest online shop. There are millions of users buying there every day. All the users activity is stored and tracked to improve the shopping experience.

You can easily view and delete your search history including seen images and videos. You just have to follow these easy and simple steps:


  1. Go to
  2. You can click on each individual item to delete it. Clear all by selecting the option Remove all items.

This will remove all watched videos, images, products and searches.

Happy browsing and searching on Amazon.

What does Google do with your search history

Why does Google need our data? Why is Google data important? If you ever wonder what does google do with your search history keep reading. A summary of what they are used for and how to protect.


Google is a company whose business model is based on analyzing our data and offering us the advertising that best fits. However, it has reached such a large size and has so much information that many of us wonder to what extent our privacy is assured. To try to offer a security image and reassure many of those who doubt their intentions, the big G opens a page where it details its policy regarding our data. We are going to do a review because we believe it is important that we all know exactly what Google does with our data.

We like this exercise of transparency by Google and in principle we believe that it is. If tomorrow we discover that it sells our data or uses it for darker projects, then it would be committing a crime. A stain that a multinational like them can not afford. This is Google's response to the question that many of us ask ourselves: Why does Google want so much of our data?

They summarize it in three basic points: improvement of products, security and announcements.


Google ads


The first point of improvement of the services is easy to understand. If we look for a term like "coffee", Google knows thanks to our data what coffee we like and where we live to show nearby coffee shops. The second point is security, in the case of Gmail and its antiSPAm filter. Google analyzes patterns and knows what emails we send to the trash or we mark it as SPAM, thanks to this the algorithm is improved.

Finally there is the big shot, the ads. Based on the searches we perform and our location, the ads shown are adapted to improve what we want. Certainly it is an improvable algorithm with all the amount of data that they know about us, but we suppose that they prefer to stay (for now) in the obvious in order not to cross certain lines.

Google ads are everywhere. Newspapers, forums, videos ... even in our Gmail email. For some time now there has been an upper "promotions" tab. They are ads based on inbox messages and searches. This could lead to think that Google reads our messages, but they say that the process is completely automatic and nobody reads the emails to show ads.

Let's see three points that Google puts as an example of products that have improved thanks to their data:


Improve the search engine data searcher

When we do a search on Google what we want is to get the correct answer without having to visit dozens of websites. The search engine algorithm has improved a lot over the years and one of the key factors has been using our data. The location, the tastes, etc.

If for example we put "Nev York Cofe", it will show us New York Coffe. The spell checker is not only based on linguistic criteria, but also on those that are more likely to coincide with us.

And of course not only improve the results of the search engine, but also the ads that are displayed. To know (or eliminate) all searches and search engine criteria, we can see a thorough review from the Google Privacy section.


Google Maps

Another very popular service that has been improved thanks to our data is Google Maps. With our information Maps knows where each person is and can create traffic maps to indicate among other things the best route. These data complement the information given by the DGT.

As it knows where you are, it can tell you the next step and calculate the fastest alternative route. Indicate if you pass near your favorite cafeteria or if you like pizzas and there is a pizzeria nearby. In a service based on places, knowing the location is essential to offer the closest answers.


Show the best videos on YouTube

Youtube data The third key service for Google that benefits from the data is YouTube. The video social network knows perfectly the videos that we see, how long, our age, etc ... these data are useful for the Youtube recommendation algorithm to work better and to offer Youtubers part of our data, so they can create content that They better resemble the profile of your audience.


Now you know better What does Google do with your search history

Linux maintains a complete history of all the search terms entered when using the built-in discovery function, the desktop-based search engine, and even the command-line search functions and other information. The accumulation of these database files can slow down the speed of the system, so it is a good idea to clean these files to maintain maximum performance. On the other hand, removing the search history of databases and other unnecessary files can guarantee your privacy by removing any confidential information or history that may exist in the Linux computer search.


Linux Search History Instructions

Cleaning Search history from the command line of bash Shell.

1 Start the Terminal. This is the symbol of the system for Linux and can usually be found in "Applications", "Accessories". Consult the documentation of your distribution if you are unable to locate the terminal.


2 Create a backup of your historical file search by running the following command:
cp ~ / .gconf / apps / gnome-settings / gnome-search-tool / gconf.xml% ~ / .gconf / apps / gnome-settings / gnome-search-tool /% gconf.Bak1.xml


3 Open the search history file in the default text editor to delete all previous searches by running the following command:
gedit ~ / .gconf / apps / gnome-settings / gnome-search-tool /% gconf.xml


4 Edit and delete search history entries that are inside the file. There is no Linux interface to erase the search history, so it is necessary to edit the configuration file in a text editor to delete the search history. Delete all <li> entries found after the following item:
<Entry name = "history-gsearchtool-entry-file">


5 Save the file. Search history has been deleted.

6 Download and install BleachBit from Thanks to the open source nature of Linux, users can create programs to perform functions that can not be included in the operating system. In this case, there are no system maintenance and cleaning applications built into most Linux operating systems, but an application created in the community called BleachBit has been designed to fill that gap.


7 BleachBit running.


8 Check "Search history" box under the desktop manager submenu (ie, GNOME, KDE, XCFE, etc.).


9 Check any other box to remove other data such as browsing history, recent documents and unnecessary system documents.


10 Click on "Preview". BleachBit will analyze the data to be withdrawn and present a complete list of the changes that have been committed.