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Search History – Google Activity

What is Search history

Would you be able to remember what you searched for 13 years ago? Clearly not! Hope you're sitting down for this. Google remembers your search history. And also other applications. Google Web and App has been keeping a tab on every one of your searches since 2005.

Although worry not. There's a solution for check, find, viewing and deleting that look up activity. But just to be clear, clearing your web data from Google Chrome or Firefox won't erase the activity from Google's servers.

Clearing your internet browser activity is one approach to restrict how much information you allow to be gathered about you on the web. Regardless of whether you are someone who always utilizes Google's Incognito browser, you're still not being kept totally anonymous on the web.

Regardless of whether you erase all or some of your searches, Google still has records about the manner in which you used its internet browser in relation with the erased searches.

In the event that you look for something, it'll recollect that you searched for something at that particular time and date. However, not what you particularly searched for, as indicated by their site.


History of this account. View and Delete

Google stores our history at google account level. You access your entire activity from one place. View and control your activity here.


How do you view and clear your recent Search activity on google

If you are wondering how do I find my recent searches on Google keep reading.

  • First, Sign-in to your Google Account to access and check.

  • Then, Head towards your Google App and Web Activity segment.

  • Now, Tap the settings symbol and select “Remove Items”.

  • Pick the period that you want Google to delete searches from. Another option you can likewise select, "The beginning of time”, and get rid of your entire activity at once.


  • Finally, Then just click on “Remove” and voila.


There you go, all of it is gone! Anyhow, by this method, you erase all, as well as individual searches, particular pages, searches that have been made or 2 months ago from all your devices as well.

Finding and Erasing your Google activity for all time will definitely help you enhance your online security.

You can access your activity here:

Finally, Check for more information about how to view google search history.


How to delete Google Search History from Android?

Now if you use your phone more than a desktop and need to access, check, show, find and erase your Google activity on Android, simply follow these Steps:

  • First of all, Open Chrome browser on your Android mobile and go to

  • Tap on the 3 lines symbol on the top right and select Delete Activity by.


  • Now, Tap on All products and select Search.


  1. Under Delete by Date, tap the down bolt and select the period you want to erase information from.


  1. Then, Hit the Delete button. A cautioning popup will show up. Tap on Ok to erase your Google activity in 2 minutes. Keep in mind, the erased things can't be brought back!


See Android File Extension APK


How to Clear Google Search History on iPhone?

In the event that you need or want to show, access, find, view and erase your activity on an iPhone, you can simply take after these simple Steps:

  1. Open Safari or preferred internet browser on your iPhone and go

  1. Tap on the symbol with the 3 horizontals lines and go to 'Delete Activity by'.


  1. Tap on the products you want to delete from and select Search.


  1. Under Delete by Date, tap the down bolt and select preferred period to erase.


  1. Hit Delete. A cautioning popup will show up. Tap on Ok to erase it on iPhone for good.

How to Clear Facebook Search History

Your activity log on Facebook show a list of all the people and pages you look for, liked, commented and reacted to on Facebook. Bear in mind, nobody else has access to your activity log but you.

In Facebook, whenever you type and look for something, it will recollect what you looked for- in your personal data. In any case, you can access, find, view and clear your activity whenever you want to. Our guide will show to you how to accomplish that.

(These screen captures were caught in the Facebook application on iOS).


  • Open the page with your News Feed, and tap the look up bar at the top (left) of the screen.

  • Tap "Edit" located close in the upper right of the look up result page opened.

  • Tap "Clear Searches."

  • Finally,  Tap "Confirm" to clear your inquiry activity.

And you're done. It was that easy!


How to Delete Bing Searches History

Bing is the default browser that accompanies Microsoft edge /window explorer. Everybody knows about Bing as the general engine utilized at least once by most and known to all. Every time you look for something on Bing, you send data to another person's PC.

This happens because of the fact that Microsoft owns the PCs that make the searches on Bing possible. In the event that you allow these engines to collect your activity, they'll do that until the point you specifically instruct them to quit saving information. You likewise have the freedom of erasing your past activity from their records.

First, finding Bing Activity?

You can without much hassle, view it by following these quick Steps:

Step 1: If you have a Microsoft account, click on sign-in and enter the details. Another option is to select the application tab over on the right side to sign-in.

Over here you can easily sign in to your Microsoft account or simply click over right application tab to see the number of choices and here you will have the capacity to view all your activity.

Step 2: Click on the Search History to see:

Here, you will be able to see the searches option and some other applications which you might be using on Bing.

Step 3: It can be effectively viewed here:

Here you will be able to view all your searches made, sites visited and keywords used in Bing. And can be effectively directed to as you can click over it to direct it at the page.

Bing stores all the past data searched and explored until that time as visited wesites, cache and cookies which essentially encourages the engine to understand you and recommend you suggestions as per your inquiries.

Now, clearing?

In case you already know about how to see it and find it, then simply select the 'Erase all tab' and it erases all the information till that time.

But in the event that you are unaware as to how you can get to activity and view it, then follow the above-expressed directions and follow the last Step in the picture below.

Step: Click Clear all to erase all your activity.

Here you will be redirected when you tap on activity option as when you look down there will be a list of your searches and the option to 'Clear All' above it which will assist you with clearing all.

Likewise, all of your Bing histories can be overseen over cloud which in the long run assist you with accessing the same data at various objects too. You can also alter your settings here for suggestions as you can choose to enable or disable it over the tab.


  • To completely stop the feature from recording your queries on your Android, set the radio option to "Off" position under the searches area, and after that click on "Save."
  • In the event that you use Bing on your iOS gadget through Safari, you can clear your look up lists by clearing the program data under "Safari" in "Settings."


How to Delete Search Instagram History

There is no denying that all of us have, at least sometimes, stalked somebody on Instagram, though in our own safe way (right?). Could have been a friend, colleague, a celebrity or somebody you just met.

We're all guilty of doing this at some point in our lives. It's also no secret that Instagram records our activity. Which is still fine. But, what's irritating is that Instagram makes it evident that we visit these profiles a lot by suggesting these under the look up bar.

But did you know the application consequently enables you to clear your activity as well? If not, we will demonstrate to you how.

(These screen captures were taken from the Instagram application on iOS.)

You need to clear the activity on your own as Instagram doesn't clear it for you. To do so, follow these directions:

Step 1: Open the application Instagram on your mobile and go to your profile. If you're on an Android device, then click on the symbol with the three-dots, at the upper right corner. If you're using an iPhone, then tap on the gear symbol.

Step 2: Scroll down and under the label 'Account', you will discover the option to view your activity (see image below). Tap on it.


Step 3: And then tap on the option that appears 'Clear.....'. A confirmatory pop up will show up. Tap on 'Yes, I’m sure’.


Now ordinarily, this should be enough to clear your suggestions. In any case, if it doesn't, try these solutions.


When you clear Instagram's activity by following the above mentioned, we recommend restarting your device. As cliché, as it might sound, at times restarting your telephone, is all you must do in order to settle an annoying issue.


Another approach is to log out from the Instagram application and log back in after 10 minutes.



On Androids, you can try clearing the cache and data as this fix has been a friend in need for many. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Go to Device Settings on your mobile and go to Applications/App Manager, whatever title your device has.

Step 2: Under Applications, look for Instagram. Tap on it. At that select Storage.

Step 3: Once at the Storage screen, click on the Clear cache. Restart your phone. If your issue is settled, great, but if not, go to Step 4.

Step 4: Follow the Step one and two and afterward, back on the storage screen, click on Clear Storage/Clear Data.

  1. Uninstall INSTAGRAM APP.

To uninstall Instagram from your Android, follow these:

1: Open Settings and locate the Application Manager. At that point, open and click on Instagram from the list.

2: Select the Uninstall option on the App information screen. This will uninstall the application from your phone

Or, you can simply go to Google Play Store, look for Instagram and uninstall it from there.

On iPhones, hold the Instagram application symbol until the symbol begins to wiggle. Then select the X at the top corner. A cautionary box will show up, tap on Delete.

When you have uninstalled the application, restart your device, and install it again.


How to Clear Yahoo Activity Search History

First of all, Like with numerous other engines, when you're done searching on Yahoo, the queries are stored. The queries are recorded in the program with the goal that whenever you visit the pages next, they'll load faster.

In the case that you don't wish to have your searches saved, you can erase them without hassle. To erase the data, first, you have to find them in Chrome

  1. Sign-in to your Yahoo account and look up for something, anything.
  2. Select Settings (cog symbol) at the upper right corner.
  3. Select 'Preferences'.

  1. Tap on the SearchHistory option.
  2. Under this menu, you can do any one of these activities:
  • Delete particular results from your data - Tap the little trash symbol next to it.
  • Erase all - Tap on Clear .
  • Turn off - Tap on Turn History off.

This consistently growing list has made more and more people understand that their personal data isn't as secure as they thought. Individuals are searching for methods to confine their exposure online and take proactive measures to secure themselves and their data.

So above was a list of few things you could do when simply trying to view and clear your activity didn't work. Despite the fact that these directions are really specific and easy, in reality, there isn't much we can do considering the closed framework that social media is.

Restarting, clearing cache, uninstalling and then reinstalling is whatever we can attempt from our end and hope that does it.



Finally, you can download your search history from google with simple and easy steps.  Go to and follow the steps.


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