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Instagram Search History


Instagram is a social application. It was initially released in October 2010 for iOS operating systems. After two year android version of the application was launched. Instagram can also be accessed from desktop but you cannot access few of it features on desktop, most notable is Insta direct. Instagram allows billion of users to share their photos, videos, messages and live streams. To make an account you need an email account or you can just connect it to your Facebook account. Registered users can share their photos, videos by applying different digital filters. Instagram also provides geo-tagging facility to add you location at time of uploading. People around the world also use Instagram to earn money. They make their account famous by attracting millions of fans and then earn through advertising on their account.

Instagram allows to share your content publicly and privately. It also allows messaging through Insta direct. Users can make their daily Instagram stories by taking photos and adding filters on them. These stories remain for one day on the account. Search tab in this application has multiple features. Tapping the search button will take you to a page with tabular formatted photos and videos. Application keeps record of your previous searches and displays the content matching your interests. Top of the page contains search bar, tapping search bar will show you recent and most viewed searches. New search can also be typed here.




To view your search history on Instagram you just need to tap the search button and tap the search bar on top. Deleting the history on Instagram is also very easy. Follow these four basic steps to clear your Instagram search history

  1. Tap the profile button at the lower right corner.
  2. Tap the setting button at upper right corner of profile page.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Clear Search History”
  4. Tap “Yes, I’m sure”. This will clear all you search history.


Happy scrolling

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