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Instagram Search History


Instagram is a social application. It was initially released in October 2010 for iOS operating systems. After two year android version of the application was launched. Instagram can also be accessed from desktop but you cannot access few of it features on desktop, most notable is Insta direct. Instagram allows billion of users to share their photos, videos, messages and live streams. To make an account you need an email account or you can just connect it to your Facebook account. Registered users can share their photos, videos by applying different digital filters. Instagram also provides geo-tagging facility to add you location at time of uploading. People around the world also use Instagram to earn money. They make their account famous by attracting millions of fans and then earn through advertising on their account.

Instagram allows to share your content publicly and privately. It also allows messaging through Insta direct. Users can make their daily Instagram stories by taking photos and adding filters on them. These stories remain for one day on the account. Search tab in this application has multiple features. Tapping the search button will take you to a page with tabular formatted photos and videos. Application keeps record of your previous searches and displays the content matching your interests. Top of the page contains search bar, tapping search bar will show you recent and most viewed searches. New search can also be typed here.




To view your search history on Instagram you just need to tap the search button and tap the search bar on top. Deleting the history on Instagram is also very easy. Follow these four basic steps to clear your Instagram search history

  1. Tap the profile button at the lower right corner.
  2. Tap the setting button at upper right corner of profile page.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Clear Search History”
  4. Tap “Yes, I’m sure”. This will clear all you search history.


Happy scrolling!


What is Instagram

It is a free application for iPhone or Android that allows you to take pictures, modify them with special effects, and then share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram itself.


What fundamental features does Instagram offer?

The most important aspects of Instagram are:

Take square photographs, similar to those taken by Kodak Instamatic cameras in the 60s. The name Instagram comes from the "snapshot" photographs taken with Polaroid cameras. It has eleven digital filters that allow you to transform the photographs taken, improving the quality of the final product. You can also modify the colors, the environment, the edges and the tones. The final image can be shared on many social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, among others, and even send via email. You can also process and share photos that were taken at another time and there was your mobile phone. What should I do to use Instagram?

First you must obtain the free version from the Apple Store or Google Play depending on which is your mobile device. Once downloaded, start the application by clicking on the icon which you can easily recognize as a camera.

To use Instagram it is necessary to register on the Instagram network, providing a username, in addition to indicating an email address, a password, a phone number and an image, these last two fields being optional.

To start on Instagram it is recommended to start with a search of your friends on Facebook and other social networks that already have an account on this network (Instagram). Instagram will suggest a list of friends, to follow them you should click on the follow button to send and receive your photos. Once the users have been selected, click on the "done" button.

To start using Instagram, you must click on the central button, then activate the camera on the mobile device, taking a picture or selecting it from the photo gallery of the mobile device. Then you can apply various filters, one of the main features of this application. In addition, Instagram allows you to include a description of the photograph, where you can include tags (also hashtags) related to the image and mention people.


Then you can share the photo via Instagram with most social networks.

You can also know the images published by friends and acquaintances, it can be done by accessing the "explore" button, here you can comment on the photographs and, by clicking on the "I like" button, share with other friends of any social network.


Are there other alternatives to Instagram?


The main applications that are direct competition of Instagram are:


Vignette: provides a large number of adjustable options. It is updated frequently. It has a free version and payment (€ 1.95) Pixlr-o-matic: Autodesk, by its origin offers extraordinary filter functions. Is free. Hipstamatic: shares the same network as Instagram. So the photos taken on it can be published on Instagram. PicYou: offers capture, filter and exchange options. It is a free application. Molome: is an alternative for Android users. Lightbox: is another free application for Android. It offers filters, elaboration and it is also a social network. Streamzoo: has borders and filters available. Users can choose to add their photos on existing social networks or share them with friends and family on the Streamzoo site only. Instagram announces that registered users will also be able to upload videos to the social network


Instagram does not want to miss the opportunity to give service to those who want to upload their mini-videos to the network. Therefore, this popular service, owned by Facebook, announced last week, specifically on June 20 that includes the option to upload videos, a maximum of 15 seconds in length, to compete with Vine, the mini-service. Twitter videos.


The Instagram video will allow the 130 million users who are part of their community another way to share their stories in video format. Users can capture and edit videos up to 15 seconds (compared to six seconds of Vine). But, in addition, you can apply up to 13 filters created specifically for it. Likewise, they can choose as a cover image for the videos that upload the frame they prefer from among those they have recorded.

It is already available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for all iOS devices and new Android devices. And more information on Instagram's own website:

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