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Google Search History

Google is a multinational technology company which deals in internet services and products. Most notable of them are google advertising technologies, search, mapping, cloud computing, software and hardware. Google search is one of the most popular search engine with billions of daily searches. Word “Google” is so much famous for searching that it’s often used as synonym of search. Google also has its own browser known as google chrome, with google search as its default search engine. The browser can be accessed by both registered and unregistered users. Making an account on google is very simple like any other email account. Registered users are offered plenty of work and productivity services like Gmail, Google docs, Google sheets, Google slides, time management and scheduling through google calendar, Google drive for cloud storage, navigation, messaging and video chat, translator, video sharing through YouTube, photo editing and backup etc. Unregistered users can also access search engine.


What does the search history of google means?

It clearly means the browser history? If you are an unregistered user then yes, but for the registered users search history does not only mean the browser history. It contains web address of pages you visited on chrome and searches you made on google search. If you are using android and it is connected to your google account it keeps track of all the activities you performed on mobile. You can access and manage your activities by selecting my activity. For registered users access to their activities and search history is not limited to one device. They can easily access their search history and track their activities by logging in to their google account anywhere.


Managing the search history

To view your activities and search history on google you need to log in your google account first, without logging in one cannot access the activities. Click on the profile button on top right of your desktop and select my account.

This will lead you to the page where you can control, protect and secure your account. Scroll down and click on GO TO MY ACTIVITY

My activity page will open, on this page you can access different features, all your searches and activities can be viewed in bundle and item view forms. You can delete the activities one by one, by tapping three vertical buttons in front of each activity.

To delete the activities collectively you need to click on “Delete activity by” button. This feature lets you delete your activities using date, topic and product filters. You can completely clear your search history through this.


To delete your browsing history on Chrome just open chrome and click “more” at the top right corner and open history. You can also access it by Ctrl+H. Click on “Clear browsing data” to clear all browsing history, cookies and cached images/files. You can also select and delete searches by selecting the boxes in front of every search.


Happy browsing

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